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Implementation of Hinemos

We are dedicated to offer various services to provide a safe, secure, and optimal operation environment to our customers with the cooperation of the Hinemos Alliance companies.



Planning/Development Support (On-premise/Virtual/Cloud)

We provide support to carry out successful planning, deployment, and implementation of Hinemos on on-premise, virtual, and cloud environment.




Upgrading Support

We support upgrading operation of Hinemos required in situations such as hardware renewal etc.


Renewal of System Hard Ware

During renewal of hardware, users may be required to migrate their infrastructure's OS/devices, or even their cloud environment.We provide support for efficient transition of current assets and optimal configuration change required for adjusting to their new environment.


Enhanced operation with new and improved features from the latest version

Along with the improvement of existing features, new features may be introduced when upgrading Hinemos to a newer version. We provide support for upgrading Hinemos to newer version to enhance our customer’s management environment.


End of maintenance support period

Upgrading to a new version will be required at the end of the maintenance support period of the previous version. We provide support upgrading Hinemos to a newer version along with its long-term maintenance support.



Report Customization Service

We will customize the content of performance/monitor report of Hinemos according to your request.



Other Services

Our services are not limited to those listed above, as we do our best to provide our customers with solutions to questions/concerns regarding the implementation of Hinemos.


(Example of other consultations)

How can I get advice regarding implementation of Hinemos?
How can I optimize the cost efficiency by using Hinemos?
How can I receive help regarding operational issues with my cloud/hybrid cloud environment?
How can I get help switching from current operation management tool to Hinemos?
How can I build an environment for monitoring and executing jobs using Hinemos?
How can I receive maintenance support for products of Hinemos?
How can I use the optional products of Hinemos?


For details, please contact us from the contact form.



Maintenance Support of Hinemos

Maintenance support for the products of Hinemos are provided by the Hinemos Alliance companies. We offer maximum of 10 years support for more secure and stable use of Hinemos in enterprise systems. Please see the Product Support Life Cycle page for further details.



Maintenance support for Hinemos products are available by purchasing the subscription.



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