System Configuration

Hinemos is comprised of 3 components

Management Server (Hinemos Manager)

Hinemos Manager provides the operation management features of Hinemos.

Monitoring and jobs are executed according to the configuration data stored in its internal database. The collected results are preserved in the database also.

Target System (Hinemos Agent)

It is the target IT device(s) of Hinemos.
Most of the monitoring features are available without Hinemos Agent. The job feature and the few other monitoring features will require the installation of Hinemos Agent.

Management Terminal (Hinemos Client)

Hinemos Client is an integrated console terminal used by the operator.
There are 2 types of Hinemos Client: the Rich Client which is a GUI application and the Web Client which is accessible via the browser.
They are used to configure new settings, display monitoring/job results, verify system availability, etc.
These operation can be done in the same manner through both clients.

Image of Hinemos Rich Client

Image of Hinemos Web Client

System Configuration of Hinemos