Main Features

Main Features of Hinemos

The basic features of Hinemos required for an integrated operation management are provided in an all-in-one package.The three fundamental components and other common components are offered on GitHub as OSS.



・Collection…Collect various data from servers, network devices, OS, MW, AP, etc.
・Accumulation…Managing and utilizing collected data




・Monitor…Various monitor settings are available for monitoring the system status and detecting failures
・Performance…Display collected data on graphs




・InfraManagement Automation…Implementing to multiple environment through single operation by standardizing the implementation processes
・Job Automation…Central management and execution of processes required for system operation
・Runbook Automation…Confirmation and decision automation of operational processes



Common Fundamental Features

・Repository…Configuration management of target servers, network devices, etc.
・Calendar…Create calendar setting for enhanced schedule control of monitoring and job execution
・Notification…Notifies the monitoring results and the job execution results
・Account…Manage login users and roles



Other Features

Option Features

Various option features are available to enhance the operation of Hinemos in enterprise environment.