Hinemos, an integrated operation management software
for the cloud era

Hinemos is an integrated operations management software which maximizes the cost benefits of open source software. Hinemos enables the automation of operational services, such as monitoring and performance management, and job management of the growing complex IT system.


In addition to the traditional physical environment, management of virtual/cloud environment can be conducted through the operation screen of Hinemos Client. Furthermore, control over multi-cloud environments including virtualized infrastructure, cloud services, and virtual networks can be centrally implemented from Hinemos Client.





All essential features required for stable operation are provided in an all-in-one package. Hinemos provides all the features necessary for the efficiency and automation of operations, and the features required for work analysis to improve operational efficiency, as well as the monitoring and job management required for daily system operations.



Monitoring and Performance Management

You can monitor the condition of managed systems in variety of ways. The monitor results can be checked through Hinemos Client, exported, and notified with other tools by command execution. You can select the most suitable checking method in various operating situations. The collected data of the monitor results will be useful for analyzing system usage.



Advanced Automation

Hinemos enables file distribution and command execution for managed systems, and stylizing operation such as verifying environment differences. Hinemos can also perform flexible execution control (job management) necessary for the automation of operations, and enables stylization and automation of daily routine processing and batch processing, etc. Hinemos can also manage series of operational processes, such as approval and execution management of operations during both stable and event occurrence, enabling runbook automation with the same interface as job management.



Data Collection and Storage

Hinemos can collect a wide variety of data, such as, numerical, string, and binary data from server devices comprising the operation system, terminals, OS, and applications. The collected information can be monitored and notified based on numeric thresholds and string patterns. You can perform a quick search by specifying the period and keyword.



Start Using Hinemos

As an open source software (OSS), Hinemos is available for free. Both packages and source code are offered on GitHub.

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By purchasing Hinemos subscription, you can receive maintenance support service for safe use in commercial application. You will also be able to use the optional features and the subscription packages which are not released on GitHub (private version of Hinemos Manager and Hinemos Agent).




Hinemos Alliance companies join to provide a variety of services to ensure a safe use of Hinemos in commercial applications. Also, these companies offer subscriptions, which includes various advanced option features and up to 10-year long-term support services, and provide technical support to the enterprise business customers.

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